After several weekends traveling, we were actually home both Saturday and Sunday!  It was so nice to have a relaxing few days without anything planned.  As I'm sitting on the couch typing this post, I feel truly relaxed and ready for the week ahead.  Here's a summary of what I ate this weekend - navigating between workouts, date night, and recipe testing. 

Saturday 10.22.16

Pre-workout: We had a slow start to Saturday morning after dinner out with friends.  I had two cups of coffee with milk followed by a banana topped with peanut butter and pomegranate seeds.  I always need something small in my stomach before working out.  Usually it's a combination of fruit and nuts.  

Post-workout: I always try to have protein post workout. Since we worked out late and had a leisurely morning, this pretty much served as my lunch as well.  Two scrambled eggs, spinach and arugula sautéed in coconut oil and red pepper flakes, dark seeded rye toast

Afternoon Snack: It was a rainy and dreary day, so we decided to go to the movies and see Girl on the Train. It was incredibly intense, but also really good.  I knew I would be hungry, so had a snack before we left - Greek yogurt topped with raspberries, a bit of granola, and a spoon of almond butter.  

Date Night: We've been wanting to try Rosemary and Vine in Rye for a while now - It's a fully vegetarian Mediterranean restaurant.  Before dinner, we hit up Rye Grill & Bar for a cocktail and were lucky enough to snag seats by the fire. Dinner started with pickled vegetables and their tasting plate of dips (hummus, baba ganoush, labneh, and muhammara).  Then for our mains, I ordered the kale and quinoa salad with tahini vinaigrette and Ravi got the grilled flatbread pizza.  We also had a glass of red wine each.  Everything was excellent.  We'll definitely be back.  When we got home for dinner, I was craving something sweet, so had a few squares of dark chocolate. 

Sunday 10.23.16

Pre-workout: Another sightly lazy morning with a light breakfast of seeded rye toast topped with peanut butter, banana, honey, cinnamon, and pomegranate seeds. Plus a cup of coffee with whole milk.  For my workout, I ran two miles and then went to our complex gym for weights and interval training. 

Post-workout: An Rx Bar, wheatgrass shot, and some raspberries.

Lunch: I forgot to take a picture, but it was essentially the same as Saturday's with one less slice of toast and subbing fried eggs for scrambled.  I'm a complete creature of habit when it comes to certain meals. 

Happy Hour: Compared to yesterday's rain, today was glorious, so Ravi and I wanted to take advantage and get out of the house.  We decided to drive to Port Chester and walk around to find a place for happy hour.  We ended up at Saltaire - a raw bar and seafood restaurant.  We didn't order any food this time, but will definitely go back for a date night.  The menu looked delicious and we loved the ambiance!  

Dinner: Ravi was craving Italian, so I decided to try my hand at a healthy-ish lasagna.  It was based off a New York Times recipe that incorporated collard greens between the layers. I used brown rice noodles, cut back on the cheese, and made my own marinara rather than using bottled.  The lasagna was good, but not great given the effort involved.  The marinara was amazing though - so that recipe will be coming soon!  We also had a salad with a maple dijon dressing, apple, pomegranate seeds, and spicy pecans (recipe coming soon as well!)